Blackie's Grand Adventure

Another message from Suzette

Blackie had a wonderful time yesterday - thank you for the extra time. We were able to complete his tour of Milwaukee as a result of your generosity of time. The pictures that I took with the traditional camera are being developed as we speak; but they will not be finished until Monday (or even Tuesday!!). I was able to include copies of the digital camera's pictures into his journal (the ones that you received), but the other pictures will need to be sent to you. I had hoped to compile all of the pictures into a file folder/mini-photo album before he left; oh well.

Let me know of his next address and (sadly!) we will get him on his way. I have so enjoyed his stay.... I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy his company and my contact with you.

Thank You!

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Suzzette, her family and all that participated in hosting Blackie on his Grand Adventure in Milwaukee. We hope you will continue to follow Blackie on his journey.

Blackies Adventure Continues in Huber Heights, OH

Hello everyone I thought I would e-mail my latest adventure

July 25
I arrived safe and sound at the Taylors house in Huber Heights, OH. The Taylor's daughter Rachel who is 11 years old took care of me and shared her room. She even had special furniture and lots of other beanies to keep me company. I do get a little homesick sometimes.

We decided to make good use of the day and went to The Dayton Air force Museum it was very interesting to see how the airplane has changed through the years. Did you know that the inventor of the airplane the Wright Brothers lived in Dayton Ohio? I was able to sit in the cockpit of an airplane and rode a flight simulator. Later that day we ate at a Chinese restaurant. The fish was my favorite of course.

July 26
We went to church . That afternoon we went to the amusement park Kings Island. I rode roller coasters, water rides we were drench when we got off. It was really fun! Rachel kept wanting to ride the roller coaster but my stomach felt a little funny , so her mom stayed with me while she rode with her dad. That evening I slept really well.

July 27
I went to piano lessons with Rachel she just started a month ago. She taught me to play Yankee Doodle Dandy I can't wait to show you all when I return home . We came home and I met some of her nice friends and played with other beanies.

July 28
This was a big day Rachel and I went to the orthodontist. Rachel got braces and the orthodontist Dr. Gersh said I had an overbite. His assistant Joan made me a headgear to wear at night. Everyone was so nice to me at the office. My jaw kind of hurt the next morning so Mrs. Taylor gave me some beanie Tylenol. I felt good a new then.

July 29
Rachel and I were feeling a little sore from our orthodontic work so we decided to stay home and play games and listened to music. I found out her favorite band is the Hanson. She knows every work to their songs. There was a big surprise today. Mrs. Taylor brought home tickets to a HansonConcert and she said I could go also. I'm very excited!

July 30
We went shopping for school supplies. I helped Rachel clean her room. We played with Missy the family dog.

July 31
I met Rachel's aunt Stephanie and 2 year old cousin J.D. Boy, 2 year old's are fun but they move fast!

Aug 1
We went swimming today. I thing I stayed in the sun a little to long.

Aug 2
Rachel and I were a little sick from the sun yesterday. We tried to rest up for our big day tomorrow.

Aug 3
We went to the Hanson Concert in Cincinnati. The concert started at 8:00 PM. and was over with at 11:00 PM. We danced and sang and clapped. I wore earplugs because the screaming hurt my ears. All the girls kept screaming I love you Zack or I love you Taylor or I love you Isaac. I just liked their music. I asked Rachel to please not scream so close to my ear. The Hansons seemed very nice and fun. They squirted the audience with Super Soaker water guns. Rachel had hoped we could meet the Hansons and get their autograph to send home with me. We couldn't meet them and were a little sad about that. But it is an evening I will never forget. Mmmbop is my favorite song now. Although they put on a great show and every song was good. They are very talented they played their own instruments and even traded which one they would play. By the time we got home and in bed it was 3:30 AM. It was the latest Rachel and I had ever stayed up. Mrs. Taylor told me I would be leaving for my next host tomorrow.

I will miss my new friends and they said they would surly miss me. My box is a little crowded so Mrs Taylor is sending a lot of my things back to home in Florida there are pictures of my visit with the Taylors. Keep your eye out for them. I think I will sleep until I arrive at my next host house so I will not be a grumpy bear. I love and miss you all! Look for me to e-mail from my next host soon!


Blackie stays with host family in Maryland and visits Washington

Dear Linda & the children:

We have really enjoyed Blackie and Scoop's stay in our home. We will be sad to see them leave on Thursday morning.

We had a wonderful time showing them around. We took a tour of Washington, Dc. We have souveniers and pictures, as soon as they are developed we will send them to you. Blackie had a dinner of Maryland Blue Crabs in Annapolis last night. He was a bit scared at first, the crabs were bigger than he was! He was happy to have me pick his crabs for him! Scoop was right in his element, and had a good laugh at Blackie's expense!

Blackie & Scoop have had a great time with our animals. We have a Guinea Pig named Ginny, a cockateil named Elvis (they spent a while hanging out in Elvis' cage!), and we also have 2 fish. We really had to keep them from the fish! They're natural instincts for fishing really came out!

We were also able to take them both on our mini family Vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia. They really enjoyed Busch Gardens and all of the rollercoasters! The water park was a big treat too on a very hot day!

I will forward all of the pictures to you as soon as they are developed!

Thank you so much for letting our family take part in Blackie's grand adventure!

The McIntire's