Blackie's Grand Adventure

Blackie visits Williamstown, NJ

Dear Linda,

Yes, Blackie has arrived safe and sound in Williamstown, New Jersey.

Believe me, he just barely made it here today. I was home, but did not hear the mailman, so he left one of those pesky yellow claim tickets telling me to go to the post office tomorrow morning! Imagine Blackie spending an extra night in that lonely box. Jennifer and her friend Jill tracked down the mailman around the corner and rescued him from a night of lonliness. Jennifer was thrilled that she actually got to sign the little yellow receipt!

Blackie went along with us to Burger King for dinner. The way he started shaking and wimpering we thought he didn't like burgers. Then we realized that the post office was next door. Anyone that has been postmarked as much as Blackie would have a natural fear of coming near a post office. Blackie attended Girl Scouts with his host sister and Beanie lover, Jennifer (9 yrs).

The girls were thrilled to be spending the night with such a cute guest! Some of them are even making him gifts for when he goes a packing. Blackie is right now resting comfortably in Jennifers bed. Holding a place of honor next to Nip, Peace, Magic and Mystic. He will be attending Jennifer's 4th grade class at St. Mary's School here in Williamstown tomorrow. We will keep you posted of his activities.


Boy have we kept Blackie busy here in Williamstown, NJ. Yesterday he spent the day back at St. Mary's School. Jennifer took him on a tour there and visited other classrooms. Everyone was thrilled that he was here for a visit. It has been real exciting for all of us to have him around. He has been such a pleasure!

Yesterday after school, Blackie went with Jen and her friend Laura to golf lessons. I'm told that he packs a mean swing, but needs to work on his balance.

Today the kids were off school and Dad was off work, so Blackie got to spend the day with the family. He liked spending time with Jen's little brothers Anthony (4) and Matthew (1). We had to take Jennifer to the orthodondist this morning and Blackie was the hit of the office. He had his bite checked and does not need braces. He was a bit upset since he likes all the cool colors that the kids wear in their mouths. After the appointment we went looking for something special for Blackie. We found a cute little sleeping bag so he can travel in comfort. We also got a neat leash so Jennifer can attach him right to her wrist and go in style. We thought it was perfect since it is red, white and blue and he is traveling this great country.

Blackie also went with us for a visit to Mom Mom and Pop Pop's house. He was quit impressed with their four dogs, three birds, cats and many many fish. We were hoping to introduce him to the horses but it was raining quite hard. Blackie just finished eating what he believes to be his first TASTYKAKE. It Is a Philadelphia area exclusive individual snack - quite a little tasty cake. We wanted to get a movie for him to watch with us, and we found one that should be just perfect -- GRIZZLY MOUNTAIN. We are just getting ready to watch it, so we'll let you know tomorrow what he thinks about it.

Mark, Dorothy, Jennifer, Anthony and Matthew

update from Dorothy and Jennifer;

Dear Linda,

Blackie had to get up early this morning to go to school with Jennifer. He was the guest of honor in Mrs. Romano's 4th grade class at St. Mary's today. Jennifer was thrilled to be able to explain about your center and all the places Blackie has travelled. The children were so happy that he came to visit that each one in Jen's class made him a lovely welcome card which we will be sending on.

Blackie also attended a seder meal in school today. This is a reinactment of the Last Supper. Jennifer tells me that he was very good during this event, but he thought the matza was very dry.

Blackie has been invited back to St. Mary's again tomorrow, where he will visit a few other classes and meet some new friends. He is really tired out from the long day, but determined to see as many people and places as possible!

Right now Blackie is playing N-64 with Jennifer and Jill. Boy is that a sight! Pictures to come.

Dorothy & Jennifer

Great news from Linda in IL

Linda, and her family hosted Blackie in Illinois for a couple of days and sent the children at the Center a great note book filled with things that Blackie did while in their care. The notebook had pictures of Blackie with Chief Baldy and Angel Bear attending events as well as going to church on Sunday. It also contained facts about the great State of Illinois and its Governor, his family and pets.

The children at the Linda Ray Children's Center really appreciated the time and effort spent compiling the notebook on their behalf and will be looking at it for many months to come.

Here are some of the notes in the notebook:

Blackie was greeted to Illinois by Chief Baldy and his very tiny peaceful son. The Chief and son are of the Algonquin Indian Tribe, who have dwelled in this part of Illinois for many hundreds of years. They brought black berries to Blackie, hoping to please him.

Blackie was very impressed with the greeting. He looked, sniffed and then ate the tasty berries. Sunday was the day Blackie prayed and gave thanks for all that he had been given. Angel bear, the spiritual leader for all of the bears in Illinois, was happy to be with Blackie.

Blackie was the perfect guest. He must be a happy bear because he does not speak, see, or hear any evil. His positive attitude was heartwarming. Now Blackie is on the way to the next host family with our richest blessings.


Update by Kathy from IN

We have had so much fun with Blackie. He is quite the gentleman. I hope he has had fun here in IN also. He has been to two soccer practices with Sara and he has held his own. He must be in excellent shape. He had fun playing with our two cats Simon and Meeko yesterday. They were playing tag and hide and go seek. He thought the cats really knew how to hide well. They also watched the squirrels and birds at the feeders. It is getting busy out there with them getting ready to start nesting here in IN.

Sara bought Blackie his very own PURPLE BACKPACK. All the kids here in IN use them for school. She also gave him his very own keychain to hang from it. The kids collect keychains and decorate their backpacks with them. The one Sara gave Blackie has two gold stars on it. She said she chose this one because one star is for Blackie because he is one. The other star is for the children at the center, because they are all stars too.