Pediatric Center Miami, Florida

What does the Pediatric Center provide?

This pediatric program cares for small children with unique medical requirements that can not be met by their caregivers.

The program at the Pediatric Center is administered by a dedicated staff of licensed pediatric professionals who have a great sensitivity and special interest in caring for medically fragile children. The Center is staffed with a nurse/child care worker ratio of 4:1.

The Center’s staff provide direct patient care for all of the medical/nursing interventions along with respiratory therapy, developmental intervention, individual diet plans overseen by our nutritionist, individual case management, age appropriate recreation and infant stimulation. The staff places strong emphasis on caregiver education and training. State of the art transportation is provided to various clinics as well as the emergency room when the medical condition of the patient dictates.

Due to the fragile nature of the medically dependent Children served by this facility an emergency generator of tremendous electrical output is required to support the entire building mechanical systems including the lighting, air conditioning, elevator and communication systems. The Center has direct underground communication cables to UM/Jackson and various computer banks to ensure communication even during disasters.

The Pediatric Center and its beautiful playground provided by Dr. & Mrs. Ziff was the first facility to start the  revitalization of the entire neighborhood. This state of the art building with it's great playground offers a homelike atmosphere for this unique program.