Blackie's Grand Adventure

Blackie's visit in MO

Blackie arrived on his official retirement day. So first things first. Blackie went to the local Social Security office where my wife works and filed for his benefits. It was a grand celebration that evening with a black tie event including the Mayor proclaiming this to be Blackies OFFICIAL retirement day in our city. We had a ball including all the city officials and school children. The program included the parade of beanies and the start of the official beanie baby club at the elementary school. We have taken Blackie to see all the wonderful sights sounds and fun MO has to offer. Blackie seems to enjoy fishing (he's really good). He caught a 7lb catfish. Loves to ride the roller coasters and loves to eat. We have enjoyed the smiles of many school children and senior groups as we have went on the circuit with Blackie. His latest book BLACKIES GRAND ADVENTURES should be released very soon. His life experiences including finding his lost brother here in the state of MO. Curly the Bear - will bring many hours of enjoyable reading. As fall official began we have sent Blackie on his journey - we wish we could go - we will miss him -

Best wishes.
Love and Prayers
The downhome group from MO

Blackie is having a blast in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dear Linda Ray and Friends,

Hi!! It is "Blackie" from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! I wanted to let you know that I arrived safely on Wednesday night!! I was pleased to get out of that plastic bubble wrap, however!! I was definately near suffocation!! The human who is taking care of me (Suzette Grube-Thur) seems kind enough and feeds me well. Fresh Walleye and Perch are on the menu for "Fish Fry Friday" ( a tradition in Milwaukee!)! I cannot wait! She mentioned to me that Kellie did not provide enough postage for my mailing and therefore, I was returned and then sent out again!

Suzette did not know the location to send this message; but she wanted to make certain that you knew that I arrived.

We have been so busy ever since I arrived!! Hoppity and T.I. (Teeny Inch) "crashed" for a very long hibernation.... They were fast asleep in Tyler's (Suzette's son) Packer tent made especially for us beanies!

Imagine that?!! I slept in my "snuggley" soft sleeping bag that my friend gave me on an earlier visit.. Those two can really snore!!

Suzette took me to a real Beanie Show!! You couldn't even imagine all of the other beanies that were there! I managed to see my lost brother, Blackie the Third and some of my old friends: Spot with no spot, Lizzy (tie-dyed), and even Slither. Randy (the nice human at the Show) let me take a picture of all of my vacationing friends and he gave me a fancy name tag on a chain as well. These humans must think that we forget our names!

Speaking of vacations.. can you believe that I am officially on "vacation!" Suzette showed me the Ty site and I almost lost my "eyeballs" when I saw that Ty had retired me!!

Suzette wanted me to ask if it would be okay to stay an extra day... I explained to her that I have so many people to visit, but tomorrow, all of the children at the school where she is teaching are having a special celebration for me. On Saturday, they have plans to take me to see some Milwaukee sites (Zoo, County Stadium and the Brewers, Usinger's Sausage Factory, a farmer's market, etc.).. I said that I would have to ask you.

So, what do you think? Do I have an extra day? I will leave on Monday, if it is okay?

Suzette also wants to send a digital picture of me and her students.. where should she send that? How? We looked at my site at Infants In Need and saw other pictures.

Well, I miss you Linda and all of my friends - but my "Great Adventure" is truly wonderful!!!

I'll keep in touch!


(With some help from Suzette for typing! My claws are great for catching fresh fish, but terrible for typing!)

I had an "Awesome" time at Donges Bay School, in Mequon, Wisconsin. The kids all call Suzette, Mrs. G-T's It took me awhile to get used to the name, but I even got into calling her that, too! The kids at Donges Bay are great!! Mrs. G-T's fifth grade students were the best hosts!! They took me around to most of their class, First Grade Pals, and Library Skills. Their favorite activities seem to be eating, recess, eating, and more eating! It seemed that every time I turned around, they were having a snack, eating lunch, or enjoying the celebration "snack" of Kodi Bear ice cream bars (in my honor, if you couldn't have guessed!).

The first picture that was taken was with my friend Casey. He shared one of his delicious treats with me at snack time (yum, yum! I think it was Goldfish crackers?!). Tracy was showing me around the playground and teaching me how to play 4 - Square. It's a strange game... bounce the ball and try to get another human out by slamming the ball in their square. I would prefer a good company.

Since the fifth graders were so kind to share with me some of their school day, I made a special request of Mrs. G-T. I asked her if Hoppity, T.I. (Teeny Inch) and I could teach the kids a little geography lesson. She agreed and we worked very hard to identify all of the sites that I have visited since March. They should be very proud of themselves!! I was impressed by their great behavior and their fantastic knowledge! The second picture of me was of me at the top of the map!!

The fifth graders also introduced me to Mrs. Sullivan's first grade class. The fifth graders and the first graders get together every other week to do special projects. I cannot believe the size difference between them; much to my delight and surprise, the first graders were as polite and as thoughtful as the fifth graders. Many of my new friends brought my cousins with them. The next picture was a picture of a few of my cousins.

I had a "Bear-y" great day at Donges Bay School. At the end of the day, the entire school waved good-bye to me. That picture is still being developed and I am as anxious to see it as they are!

I am looking forward to getting back to Mrs. G-T's home for my meal of fresh perch and walleye. Wow! Kids have a lot of energy, are filled with enthusiasm, and are truly a wonderful group of humans! Mrs. G-T said that she is tired, too.. and to tell you the truth, I understand why! Thank you Donges Bay for a great day!!


Donges Bay School in Mequon, Wisconsin

Hi Linda Ray and Friends!!

I am having a great time, although I miss your hugs and snuggles! I have attached a document which tells and shows all of you the wonderful things that I have been doing. The visit to Suzette's school (Donges Bay School in Mequon, Wisconsin was awesome!

Well, I must be off - my fresh perch and walleye dinner await my arrival (they call it a "fish fry" in Milwaukee)! Talk with you soon!

Love -