Blackie's Grand Adventure

Blackie visits a home in the Smokies

Thanks soooo much for posting.... Blackie went to visit his home in the Smokies yesterday and we had a grand adventure....Cokie loved it too. We took pictures and everything. Some of the beanies want to tell you about the hunt, but I am late to work, so I am forwarding this to the store and will try to let them get back online tonight... while I have to work. Lucky beanies, Blackie goes to visit the first grade class tomorrow and the kids have composed a song and everything. Also gave Mrs Keirsey a camera to document the day.

Dear Linda,

Ok, Ok...I know I am in the Bow Wow house...Once for not letting you know he arrived....Twice for not sending after 2 days.....cannot possibly allow him to leave can call FBI for kid (bear ) nappers.

Blackie and his Coke companion are lounging at the store tonight after a busy week entertaining the kids .... he and Cokie have learned a new song...well. is actually a song the first grade class at Hillcrest Elementary and their very, very nice and inovative teacher made up....I can't wait to get it taped....

Blackie and Cokie went to school

Blackie and Cokie went to school. I gave Leah (teacher) one of the cameras I bought and she will take pics for we have called the local TV station....hoping Blackie and Cokie can get a spot on the tube next week...

Blackie and friend will be guest of honor at a HUGE party at the store very calling my Blackie's Grand Adventure call list I have been collecting since he started the tour....quite long now...and we will have give a way bb for the kids and the adults as games and eat a huge Great American Cookie that says Blackie's Grand Adventure. I even had to order more Blackie's Grand Adventure buttons this week....gave out over 50 before he arrived.

Well....will keep you updated and can put Blackie and Cokie on the computer if you need to verify they are still alive....otherwise ransom is another 8-10 days in Tenn.

Ouch..... no.... don't throw things...... get back you beanies......

Whew..... Princess had beeped the deer down in the lower field and they in turn raced up to the house with Whisper in the lead.... All wish all the children at the center a very good night and say I should mention that Cokie and Blackie are not even homesick yet and cannot wait to see a UT game on TV. Several beanies have made extra pom-poms for Blackie and Cokie as they will be cheer leading for the games.

Night all and email any love notes to Blackie and Cokie.... either here or at the store at: [email protected]

Thanks for allowing the great (Smokey) Blackie and Cokie to visit.

Love and kisses from all the beanies.

Beanie Smiles......

Jan :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Grandmaw in Massachusetts

This is Grandmaw in Massachusetts. Blackie arrived on Tuesday all decked out. He has had a great rest here with Grandmaw. She smothered hims wif those thar smushy kisses Grandmaws give and he gots lots and lots of hugs. He helped make a chocolate cake and was allowed to licks the bowl. The weather heres has turned cool and the leaves are showing signs of color - soons the leaves will bees all gold, and orange and red. Blackie was here and glued to the computer to see what TY created to bees his brothers and sisters. He was certainly happy. We tooks him on a Swan Boat ride wif my Grandson Glenn, who is seven on Wed.

It is time fer Blackie to gets on his way, now that he has rested. Grandmaw wrotes him a little books called "GRANDMAW KISSES'. and with it she tucked some photos of Boston, some information on Old Ironsides, and a book called MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS

The children will be quites surprised when Blackie returns home. His Journal is almost full. There are some wonderful stories and pictures. He is wearing the cutest Cowboy Hat and has lots of clothes. I loves his backpack wif all them thar pins from different states and he even has a Snickers bar in thar. Grandmaw wills wrap that in plastic fer it might melt if he heads towards warm country. Grandmaw will fix hims up wif all new ZiP lock bags fer she is sure he wills like that.

Please tell us where to send Blackie next.

Hugs from Grandmaw