Blackie's Grand Adventure

Blackie has been visiting the Lamberts in Plano, TX

Hi Linda!

I will send Blackie on to the next Host Family on Monday. We have really enjoyed him and have done sooooooooooooooo many things.

We went to Galveston beach, explored the World War II submarine and ships, went on an Easter Egg hunt in Austin where the capital of TX is, had Lindsey's birthday party which was also on Easter Sunday, she turned 5, went and played games and went to two parties, went to Lake Texoma and camped out overnight in some cabins, went to the zoo and took all of first grade at Blakes school, volunteered at the library at his school. I think all of Texas knows all about Blackie now! :o)

We have done so many things with him so I guess this really worked out for the best considering we have done everything there is to do!

Get with Wendell and read the letters. The first one was to the children and it just let them know the day Blackie arrived and his condition and everything. He is, by the way, in great condition, tag and all. People have really taken good care of him as well as us!

Let me know his next destination stop. Thanks again for the great time we have had with him!


Lambert's house here in Plano, TX

Hi Linda and kids!

It's me, Blackie! I just arrived at the Lambert's house here in Plano, TX. Whew, what a trip! Melissa wanted me to let you all know of my condition so you can know I've been well taken care of. My tag is protected with a tag protector and my tag is in great shape! A tiny crease but hardly noticeable. I got a t-shirt that I wear all the time and that has kept my fur nice and clean. On the front it says, "You're special" and you know what? You kids are SPECIAL! :o) My journal and all the information about the children's center is all in tact. :o)

Now to the important stuff......
Melissa works at Hallmark where there are bunches of beanies! I can't wait to go with her and see all of my friends! We're leaving in about 30 minutes.

Melissa's children, Blake age 6 almost 7 in May, and Lindsey age 4 who will be 5 on Easter Sunday (April 4th) are both taking a nap right now. Guess I'll meet them tonight when she gets off of work! Sure do miss you all but I am having a blast!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.... I am going to a party tonight after Melissa gets off work! I wonder if it's for me..... Oh, Melissa just told me that it's a party where we are going to play some games with people she goes to church with. Don (Melissa's husband) and the kids will be there too. We are going to play some cards and dominoes. What fun! We will have Mexican food and German chocolate cake. MMMMMMM MMMMM!! I can already tell that this is going to be a great weekend! Well, better go so Melissa can make it to work on time. Love you all and will see you soon! Oh, one more thing....Melissa needs to know where I will be going next. I'm kind of curious too!

Love, Blackie

News about Blackie from Greg in Reno

Hello this is Greg Bishop from Reno Nevada. Blackie has been having a great time since he has been here. He toured downtown Sparks Nevada and visited the railroad yard that helped put Sparks on the map. He also attended theColumbus Day celebration in downtown Reno under the famous Reno arch. Blackie also got his picture taken in a Hot Air Balloon which was part of the Great Reno Balloon races. It has been great having Blackie here, although Blackie is looking forward to moving on and experiencing the next phase of his journey.