Linda Ray Children's Center - From the Beginning

The challenge was to convert this 24 unit apartment complex into as
much usable space as possible to house as many children as possible.
Development team consisted of Architect Charles Crumpton,
the owner of HMS Electric, Harry Steele, Wendell Ray, Secretary/Treasurer
and Project Manager for Infants In Need, and Dr. Keith Scott who with his Staff
developed the research program to be utilized at the Center.
This rendering was presented to the Officers and Board of Infants In Need along with plans,
which were accepted. Procurement of permits with City and County approval began
as well as developing a construction team with the Unions.
This courtyard area was to be demolished and built over giving
a huge playroom downstairs and a meeting/class room of equal size up stairs.
demolition began in full force in early 1991
Major demolition was required. This shot is in front of the old courtyard
facing all of the 24 apartments that fronted on the courtyard.
Reconstruction began in late 1991 continuing on into 1992 making
significant progress until August 1992 when disaster struck in the way of Hurricane Andrew.
The Center was completed and the UM led research program began in Fall of 1993.