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Here is Blackie's account of his visit :

I had an "Awesome" time at Donges Bay School, in Mequon, Wisconsin. The kids all call Suzette, "Mrs. G.T..   It took me awhile to get used to the name, but I even got into calling her that too! The kids at Donges Bay are great!! Mrs. G-T.'s fifth grade students were the best hosts!! They took me around to most of their classes: Science, Social Studies, Gym,  First Grade Pals, and Library Skills. Their favorite activities seem to be eating,  recess, eating, and more eating!  It seemed that every time I turned around, they were having a snack, eating lunch, or enjoying the celebration "snack" of Kodi Bear ice cream bars (in my honor, if you couldn't have guessed!).

Here is a picture of my friend Casey sharing one of his delicious treats with me at snack time. Tracy was showing me around the playground and teaching me how to play 4 - Square. It's a strange game... bounce the ball and try to get another human out by slamming the ball in their square. I would prefer a good competition of fish catching! . ..

Since the fifth graders were so kind to share with me some of their school day, I made a special request of Mrs. G.T. I asked her if Hoppity, T.I. (Teeny Inch) and I could teach the kids a little geography lesson. She agreed and we worked very hard to identify all of the sites that I have visited since March. They should be very proud of themselves!! I was impressed by their great behavior and their fantastic knowledge!
Here's a picture of my Geography Lesson - I am at the top of the map!!
The fifth graders also introduced me to their Mrs. Sullivan's first grade class. The fifth graders and the first graders get together every other week to do special projects. I cannot believe the size difference between them; much to my delight and surprise, the first graders were as polite and thoughtful as the fifth graders. Many of my new friends brought my cousins with them.
Here is a picture of a few of my cousins:
I had a "Bear-y" great day at Donges Bay School. At the end of the day, the entire school waved good-bye to me. That picture is still being developed and I am as anxious to see it as they are!

I am looking forward to getting back to Mrs. G-T's home for my meal of fresh perch and walleye. Wow! kids have a lot of energy, are filled with enthusiasm, and are truly a wonderful group of "humans! Mrs. G-T said that she is tired too.. and to tell you the truth, I understand why!

Thank you Donges Bay for a great day!!

Blackie is looking at Mary Beth's Beanie Mom Site where "Mrs. G.T". 
(nick name supplied by the kids) first found out about
Blackie's Grand Adventure

The entire Donges Bay student body (520 beautiful kids)gather to welcome Blackie to their school in Mequon, WI

Blackie hanging out at Bradford Beach and visiting one of his cousins

Blackie contemplating life at the lake front

Blackie attends Arabian Fest at the Lake Front

Blackie takes time out for a "Kafka" treat at the Arabian Fest

Suzette(Blackie's host) at the Beanie Show at American Serb Hall

Blackie's first night in Milwaukee, WI with his host son.

What a great place to rest with friends!