These pages are dedicated to the members of

These pages show random shots taken during construction of

Linda Ray Children's Center
showing a few of the over 500 Union Volunteers that devoted
their days off, Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays to this project.

    One of the Dads letting Randy explain why Dad is away from
home so many week ends to help build the Children's Center.

Having a little java before starting to work!

Randy is 7'2", 370 # and seldom needs a step ladder when working.
He is known as the gentle giant among fellow workers.

President of The Miami Building & Construction and Trades Council,
AFL-CIO, He devoted hundreds of hours to the project during the
 2 years of construction!

Union workers taking a break, well, one of them is working.

Oh, he was just rolling out the insulation roll to sit on it. OK!!

One of the workers cleaning up the debris to make room for more work.

Larry worked full time on the project as he had been laid off
because of lack of construction work.  When Hurricane Andrew struck
Larry elected to stay with us at wages below Union scale with special
of the Union.  He believed in this project!

  Stripping the old dry wall off for inspection and replacement!

Wendell Ray, Project Manager for Infants In Need
making his daily inspection.

He cleaned up pretty darn good, remember the other picture?

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