Their members doing volunteer work at the

Evidence that a tremendous amount of work is transpiring.

Demolition comes first, then reconstruction.

Upper left on this page is a picture of Melinda Koken our
Construction Super who worked for below Union pay scale
with permission of the Union as she devoted full time supervising
this project. She is a wonderful person whose love for children kept
her on the job.

So many people were involved in this project. Upper left second
picture down is the Project Manager for IIN and on his right is the
Electric Union Representative and on the right of the Project Manager
is the Union Representative of the Plumbers Union.
On the bottom left picture you see men on the roof. How many?
Look at the picture below!

The bottom three pictures show how many were on the
roof at one time.

Upper right is a great friend who set up the meeting with the
Union Official that let to their involvement.  We owe a lot to
George DuBreil.
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